Friday, April 14, 2017

GuidaTour is your new tourist audioguide, the ideal app for a tour of the artistic attractions of the most beautiful Italian cities. With simple routes we will take you to the most famous points of interest in Italy. Travel audio guides will let you hear intuitive descriptions of selected art sites such as monuments, churches, and museums. Activate GPS geolocation and select the point of interest on the map: the Tour Guide tour will begin!

Listen to the free preview, then buy from the Travel Guide the complete audio of the tourist destination you are interested in and let them conquer! You can even listen to the guides offline: downloading the audio file to your smartphone or tablet! For each attraction or path, you will always have the voices of an authentic personal travel guide. During the tour, while listening to the audio tour, you can take photos or videos. Share your impressions on your trip with our audio guides and evaluate your travel experience with the Travel Guide app.

Drive from our paths, into our destinations, with our voices, and yours will be a great trip!