“With a work of art you must have the behavior you have with a great lord: put yourself in front of you and wait for you to tell us something.”

Arthur Schopenhauer


We are a startup of Italian professionals, we are experts with a passion for designing and innovating cultural tourism. Using mobile devices and direct intuitive style, we offer travellers, especially those less experienced, the opportunity to discover Italy, our beautiful country. Everyone with the desire to know more will have the opportunity to create guides for destinations both on and off the beaten track.

Our idea

Inspired by the idea that culture means inclusion, participation and fun, we would like to boost interest and encourage curiosity about cities, museums and local culture, offering content that is always practical and available through media that allow everyone to pursue their own cultural interests.

Looking forward

Our vision is to create a tourist information system technologically up-to-date with the times; reliable and responsive to the cultural requirements of the users; founded by a network of professionals and amateurs skilled in writing effective descriptions of places and narration of the history of our country; that can work with tour guides and publishers, supporting and complementing their material


Via Dante Alighieri, 5/4
36060 Romano d’Ezzelino (Vi)