Privacy Policy


GuidaTour has developed an App for mobile devices called “GuidaTour” that offers interactive audio guides for smartphones, based on where they are (geolocation). These guides are supplied by both professional and non-professional guides and by users with a passion for the subject who adopt our system to manage information and materials. GuidaTour is committed, at all times, to protecting the privacy of all users who sign up, either with an email and a password or through their Facebook or Google accounts, both on our web platform ( and on the mobile App “GuidaTour”. Our Privacy Policy offers a detailed explanation of how we may use the personal information you give us through our databases. As we frequently update our Privacy Policy we would ask you to check, periodically, to see whether there are new updates. All data will be dealt with according to current Law and to Italian Law regulating the use of personal data.


A. Methods used to gather personal data- If you sign up through your email account we will be able to gather the information you supply. – If you sign up using your Facebook account we are able to gather the information and make it available as soon as you sign up. The Facebook platform is always able to show you what information we are able to access. – If you sign up using your Google account we will be able to gather the information and make it available as soon as you sign up. The Google platform is always able to show you what information we are able to access. – If you use the “GuidaTour” app we will be able to gather and elaborate all the information you provide (for example, evaluations, users’ searches, maps searched for, downloads effected) as well as data regarding geolocation and traffic data records of App use.- When you visit the website, we are able to collect data on traffic and on all other communications sent to electronic mail boxes. This App gathers, uses and shares data regarding users’ location in order to offer services based on current location. Most browsers and devices have tools that allow you not to accept this default function (geolocation).

Interaction with social networks and external platforms. These services enable interaction with social networks and with other external platforms directly from the website pages. In any social network, any interactions and other information obtained through these services, is always regulated by the individual user’s privacy settings. If a service that allows interaction with social networks is installed, this service is able to continue gathering data reagrding traffic on the page even when users are not actually using it.

The “Like” button and the Facebook social widget (Facebook). Both the “Like” button and the Facebook social widget are services supplied by Facebook Inc.: they permit interaction with the Facebook social network (navigation, data regarding use and cookies).

B. Use of personal informationThe personal information we collect and store helps us to improve our Services, our platform, the App and the website. We also use this information to offer updates or news about GuidaTour Apps and new products or services that may be of interest to you. We can share the data gathered for advertising based on interests and allow advertisers to deduce interests from our data. We always ask for your consent before using any information we hold for any other purposes than those stated in this Privacy Policy.  –   Data that permit use of the app-   Data that allow us to offer information, in particular that based on your location (geolocation) –   Data to set the app so as to satisfy your personal requirements. –   Data required in order to communicate with you and inform you about the app and to respond to any questions and/or complaints –   Data required in order to analyse how the apps are being used (also through Google Analytics) and to protect, regulate and update GuidaTour services especially those of the app and the website. –   Some information is gathered automatically whenever you use a smartphone or tablet: navigation history, location, IP address, the model of the device and the operating system adopted. This information is gathered through Google Analytics.-   In order to subscribe to our newsletter you will need an email address. We will only use your email address for sending out our periodical newsletters.


C. Declining consentYou can decide, at any time, to decline the consent you gave to receive advertising based on your interests. You do so by sending a mail to: in which you ask that your previously given permission to use the in-app information gathered by this device is withdrawn and that it should no longer be used either to deduce your interests or for advertising on this device.


D. Storing and elaborating personal information (data) We may process and store your data on a server outside the country you live in, or outside the European Union. We adopt all the current procedures to ensure the safety of your personal data and comply with the laws on privacy as described in this document. We use protected servers so as to ensure that data are stored correctly. All communications containing personal information are encrypted so as to comply with safety norms and measures. We do not, and we cannot, guarantee total security for any information gathered or transmitted by electronic means, however, we do make every effort to supply the best protection available. When necessary we will require you to create a password in order to gain access to areas within our App or on the website. Each user is individually responsible for the safety and secrecy of his/her own, personal password Should you wish to know what information GuidaTour has gathered about you, or, should you wish to modify any information that you are not able to change yourself, either through the website or the mobile app, please send your request to:


E. Sharing personal informationGuidaTour will neither transfer to third parties nor supply third parties with your personal data. This means that GuidaTour will not and must not pass your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes without first obtaining your explicit consent.

F. Cookies and Google Analytics. GuidaTour uses two types of cookies on its websites. Firstly, it uses the cookies required to offer necessary functions on our site and to record preferences and cookie settings. Secondly, it uses Google Analytics cookies. Google Analytics is a web analysis service supplied by Google Inc. (Google). Google uses aggregated statistical data to supply GuidaTour with information about how users are using our mobile app and our website.

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