13 April 2017 – ANSA ViaggiArt – Nearly 10 million Italians have planned to travel for Easter 2017, an increase of 2.3% over the same period last year. 93% will choose to stay in Italy while the remaining 7% will opt for a foreign location. Growth is also in the turnover, amounting to 3.34 billion euros (+ 3.6%). It emerges from the forecasts of Federalberghi on the Easter holidays of the Italians.

The favorite destinations of the Italians who will remain in Belpaese will be the art places (29.1%), the sea (28.8%), the mountain (21.4%) and the lakes (4.5%). For those who go abroad, large European capitals will absorb 69.5% of demand, followed by 13.8% of sea resorts and cruises. The average stay will stay at 3.4 nights (against the 3.5 nights of 2016) with an average cost of all items (transport, accommodation, food and entertainment) of € 337 (against € 332 in 2016) With a detail of 310 euros for those who will stay in Italy and 679 euros for those who will choose foreign destinations. The preferred accommodation for 32.5% is the house of relatives and friends, followed by the hotel (26.7%), the property (14.6%), the bed and breakfast (10.4% ), The farmhouse (4.4%), the residences (3.4%) and the rented apartment (3%).

It’s spring and the chance to travel between the wonders of art and nature: in Easter, April 14-17, you can spend a long weekend in town or in the middle of nature. And, if you want to unplug, you can also arrange for a pleasant holiday, the first after Christmas, adding a few days off until Tuesday, April 25th, a national holiday.