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Bardolino is a renowned tourist destination of the Veneto region, located on the Veronese side of Lake Garda. It is visited by many tourists, in particular Germans, thanks to its temperate climate during the winter and its hot, but not sultry, climate during summer. There is a wide range of receiving structures, from hotels to camping sites and other kinds of accommodation, numerous possibilities for eating out and for shopping. All this in a wonderful green landscape. You can go for beautiful walks in the hinterland, and admire the characteristic olive groves, as well as the wide vineyards which produce the Bardolino wine, renowned in the whole world. However Bardolino does not only mean a holiday on the sea or in the country; it is also a spa town, thanks to the development of important health centres. Bardolino can be easily reached from the highway, as it is located at a 20-minute-distance from the airport of Villafranca; it has always been a renowned tourist destination for its typical cuisine of the Garda territory, the relaxing atmosphere of the place, as well as the night life of its numerous bars. And if you wish to experience strong emotions, you can choose between a day in Gardaland, the most famous theme park of Italy which is located nearby, or the Movieland Studios in Lazise. Cities of art, such as Verona and Venezia can be quickly reached by bus or by train and represent a good destination for a day trip; at the end of the day you can return to Bardolino, restore your energies and leave for a new adventure on the banks of the largest lake of Italy.

It is dated back to the end of the XI century and the beginning of the XII century that there was in the Romanesque church of San Severo a probable extension of a pre existing building consisting of a single aisle, stated in 893 in one of Berengario’s diplomas. Exquisitely crafted, with monochromed stone extracted from local caves; the church presents itself with a simple facade but adorned on its culminating side, an inside consisting of thre aisles and a wooden roof top held up by tuff colonnades. Almost all lateral walls are richly painted, and the decorations to this day, are still rather visible, thanks to the restoration work and conservation done to it. The Church was for centuries the center of the religious life of Bardolino but soon after, it forfeited in favor of San Nicolò, which became the parish in the XV century. It is the beginning of a long period of decadence until at least half of the XVIII century when the bretheren of the holy Sacrament took over. Although in one way they saved the building from permanent ruin, they were guilty of a series of alterations, the most evident being the demolition of the main apse, and part of the two lateral apses to make room for a larger rectangular choir. In 1848 the church would become a macabre theatre to the barbaric execution done by the austrian troops, to two unfortunate bardolinesi, found inside and accused of inciting a revolution amongst the people by ringing the bells. The old temple, by now desecrated by many transformations and crumbling to pieces was therefore given to the Municipal in the summer of 1869. It was then used as a weigh house, a warehouse, and theatre until appropriate restorations were done by Direct Supervision between 1927 and 1943. It was fixed and restored to its function as a place of worship.

Going on down the Costabella location towards Cisano, you can find in Via Marzan, the “Sisàn Museum” which collects ornithological, fishing and farming traditions. It also mentions a century-old ornithological event, which is still held until this day on the 8th of September at Cisano on the occasion of the “Sagra dei Osei”. There are 8 innovative museum halls that present its findings with the help of multimedial support in italian, english and german. In the fishing hall, there are films that illustrate the functions of all materials present, and the ornithological exposition is subdivided in nesting areas. There is a great variety of old equipment shown in films and in cards, related to the life in an era long gone.

There are thirteen historical monument residences present in the municipal territory of Bardolino. Five are aligned along the lakeside, that overlook the nucleus of the historic center: Guerrieri-Rizzardi-Loredan villa, Giuliari-Revedin-Gianfilippi villa, Terzi-Cristanini villa known as “delle Rose”, Revedin villa known as “delle Magnolia”, and Bottagisio-Carrara villa. Outside of the old walls there is Bassani-Raimondi villa in via Fosse, Ferrari villa along the Eastern Gardesana state road, and Corte S. Colombano along the provincial road to Albarè. In Calmasino there is: Belvedere villa, Guerrieri villa, Bettelini villa, and rural houses such as: Caldana Dalle Vedove, Sabaini, and Andreoli. In Cisano there is the Da Persico-Marzan villa.